Mohd Amir Khan AKA MADMAK

In simple words I’m a Website Developer (technically there is more to elaborate), I have worked on more than 500 websites; some of them I have created from scratch and some was ongoing work and I fixed error/bugs and made them a finished products.

In my world of coding, if you can explain anything properly then I can make it happen in terms of functionality, for normal people it can be magic but for you and me it will be inputs and outputs.

If we talk about technical part, I have 8 years of experience in coding and development, My main domain is E-Commerce, I have worked on a lot of things throughout my career including websites, applications, software, mobile apps etc. In coding anything you can think of which needs to be touched I have already done that.

In my field people like me are called Full Stack, which means it includes everything from finalizing your design, converting it to better mobile friendly UI, including all the required functionality, providing admin a super friendly back-end panel to manage things easily.

Once you share your idea with me, we can discuss about it and come up with all the requirements, solutions, questions as well as its answers. If you will allow I can help you in going online as well as in sales or creating brand identity. I have helped many individual as well as organizations in my past experience.

I have worked with my peoples from different countries like Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Dubai, Oman even I have been there if I need to be there in some operations. If you are looking for some kind of inquiries or need any kind of suggestion related to your project or idea, you can discuss with me anytime. Just fill the below form to book a meeting with me.

I love wordpress

I code cool websites